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HONOR AMONG THIEVES, is a Rock band, formed in 2003, on New York City's lower east side. Craig (Craig Man) Cantos- Vocals, Merx Mercado- Guitars, Kevin Jones- Bass and Dave (Late Night Dave) Brooks- Drums, unite over a single mission: To play Rock n' Roll and have one hell of a good time doing it! Their love of music, fun demeanor and camaraderie is easily heard in their music and immediately infectious to live audiences, making every show a party, every moment, the best time ever! All four band members share a belief that there's nothing like a live a rock n' roll show and they make it a point to bring their party to the stage regularly and tour often. Still based in New York City, HONOR AMONG THIEVES have, "The Greatest City in the World" as their playground and the entire planet by the ears.

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